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Phoebe Paradise

The Sunshine City A3 Art Print

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Hands-down the best building in Brisbane is this windowless, beige filing cabinet that stands solitarily in Woolloongabba. 

Reasonable folk might say this is a telephone exchange highrise that doesn’t have windows because it needs to protect the hardware behind its concrete facade. But every time I’ve driven past it I can’t shake the eery feeling that it’s a bureaucratic tower of terror; once you enter you are stuck travelling from room to room for eternity like the Stanley Parable.

Finally got around to taking some pics of this monolith to turn into a Poster, and eventually a postcard pack to be joined alongside a few other cheeky snaps of the rusted-on brutalist Brisbane that doesn’t normally make the cut for tourism advertising. 

Full Colour
A3 Art Print on Archival Matte Paper
Original Photo & Design by Phoebe Paradise
Securely delivered in cardboard mailer