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Phoebe Paradise

Milton 1991 Velvet Cushion

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It's the late evening in Milton, and you can't get to sleep. A big rain came and went with a short-lived but violent intensity, and now the air is thick and drunk with the perfume of agitated mock orange.

It's so hot that it's hard to do much else but picture the writhing world outside your window. As millions of bugs and bats and birds and hidden beasties loudly compete for airspace, the ancient fig tree across the street quietly groans under their weight. If you squint, it looks as if the trees and gardens are emitting a glow. Neon greens & pinks? Surely not. It's likely just cast from the traffic lights nearby, though in your delirium it's hard to tell the difference.

Feverishly dreaming, your home shrinks down to the size of a warm porch light, dwarfed by the glowing suburban rainforest and it's sounds and smells.

A soft & squishy couch cushion cover! 40x40cm velvet, brightly printed cushion cover (with cushion insert!) for your couch or to brighten up your bedding set!

  • luxurious brushed velvet textured surface
  • black zipper
  • comes with cushion insert
  • 250gsm weight
  • super-stretchy 
  • ultra soft & comfortable to the touch
  • incredibly bright & saturated colour 
  • hand-made with love in Brisbane  by local maker Ainslie Mason
  • printed yardage in Brisbane