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Phoebe Paradise

Dragon Coaster Soft Vintage Tee

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I survived the Dragon Coaster and all I got was this stupid tshirt and memories that don't feel real!!!

In 1989 the Myer Centre shopping complex was built in the middle of Brisbane's Queen St Mall. Through sheer 1990's hubris, a giant bag of money and a can-do attitude, the powers that be decided to build an INDOOR THEME PARK on the uppermost floor of the shopping centre. This themepark was called Tops. I implore you to look this up.

Tops was home to several attractions including a Ferris Wheel, a giant tree house, a Carousel... and the piece de resistance - a full-blown Rollercoaster. This Rollercoaster, (called The Dragon Coaster), would careen wildly and loudly across the atrium of the Myer Centre, zig zagging storeys high above the heads of shoppers below. You could hear the (mostly delighted) screams of children from the ground floor, and even outside of the shopping centre.

It is INSANE that this thing existed, and stands out to me as this hilarious and delightful part of Brisbane's weird daggy history. The impression I've gotten from so many people is that they thought Tops was some kind of nightmare or dream from their childhood. People have forgotten that it ever existed. My friends, I have not forgotten and now NEITHER WILL YOU!

Tops never had any fun merch (that I could find online) so I'm retroactively making some for the lovers of this weird piece of Liminal Space Nightmare history.

Love her like I do. 


4 COLOUR SCREENPRINT onto stonewash black tee
Available in sizes S-XXL 

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