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Phoebe Paradise

Éowyn Tee

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Tees are shipping 2023! 

“But no living man am I! You look upon a woman
. Éowyn I am, Éomund's daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless!”

The most famously Down Bad™ woman in fantasy fiction history, now in t-shirt form!

One of the best characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Eowyns’ story arc is a tragic and romantic but ultimately heroic tale which peaks with the climactic battle between this mortal woman and an undead monster and his pet dragon. Spoilers ahead(?)

Éowyn: the Witch King slayer, Nazgûl headlopper and Broken Hearted Horse Girl has inspired (in my personal opinion) some of the toughest illustrative depictions of the LOTR universe that’s out there.

There’s so many amazing set pieces in the books/films, but over the last 50 years or so the one thing artists seem to all agree that Eowyn’s showdown with the Witch King of Angmar HAS to be immortalised on the page. Often with extremely red hot compositions that take enormous artistic liberties that are in no way faithful to the source material. As god intended. 

Look at this.


LOOK AT IT. Frank Frazetta’s endless, unquenchable horniness is one of my personal favourite renditions. Imagining Frazetta being told “this character has been successfully masquerading as a man so she can fight in battle, in fact has done so well that her own family doesn’t recognise her” and he’s like “oh yeah ok no problem can do” and draws this outfit. Unbelievable chad behaviour. One of the greats.

In this excruciatingly long product description I’m hoping to imbue a feeling of “please don’t email me about factual inaccuracies such as her hair being too short” and instead I hope you enjoy the very silly and batty aesthetic choices that were inspired by a very cool book character who I love to bits, and the fanartists throughout history that flew in the face of ‘author intent’ . 

If you’re not a big fan of LOTR, I am very sorry you had to read that! This t-shirt is in no way an absolute freak magnet and I promise you will look really cool while wearing it. 

This tshirt was printed by my wonderful friends Tee it Up Screenprinting in Melbourne. 

It’s a four colour design in 4 crazy bright colours, printed onto an A/S Colour tshirt. Available in sizes S-XXL

As it is Christmas time there may be some delays in shipping but I promise you everything purchased before December 10th will be shipped to you as soon as humanly possible! I appreciate you very much and can’t wait to see everyone wearing these crazy tees. If you’re not much of a t-shirt guy (I get it) this artwork is available in delicious Art-Print form!