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Phoebe Paradise

'Moshpit' Art Print

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 Toads V. Roaches

This little moshpit is my piece for the very exciting ’Origin Story' exhibition at Hervey Bay Regional gallery, running until August 27th. They've brought together a bunch of amazing artists and historical artefacts in response to the State of Origin and its impact in QLD.

From what I’ve been able to find online, the Cockroaches vs Toads branding originated as a bit of an insult war between the teams in the 70s which then organically developed into a kind of magnanimous in-joke for the teams and supporters.

Faced with a 40,000+ stadium of drunk swarming bodies (emphasis on swarm) you can really feel the relevancy of this namesake.

There's kind of nothing like it, with one exception perhaps - with this piece I wanted to draw a comparison to the heightened State of Origin crowd and the contained violence of moshpits at hardcore shows. Turns out the character pose reference for these worlds are basically interchangeable.

An enormous print of MOSHPIT is currently being shown at the wonderful Hervey Bay Regional Gallery for their Origin Story group exhibition, featuring works by some incredible artists and a slew of fascinating historical curiosities relating to the State of Origin. Make sure you check it out and support the gallery if you're up that way! Link Below:,of%20Origin%20to%20Queensland's%20identity.

Heavyweight Matte Paper
A4 & A3 Fine Art Digital Print
Signed Edition of 500

Securely posted in rigid cardboard mailer & sleeve