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Phoebe Paradise

‘Put it on the Page, Punk!’ A Notebook

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If you have ever wondered what parts of my internal monologue sounds like - it’s kind of like the Green Goblin Mask talking to Norman Osbourne but instead of a mask it’s my iPad, and instead of ‘k*****g Spider-Man’ it’s trying to remind me that I LIKE DRAWING and I should DO MORE OF IT if I want to GET BETTER AT IT. 

This is my gift to you, a phrase that I repeat in my head at a concerning volume: ‘IT’S NO GOOD CLANGING AROUND YER HEAD, PUT IT ON A PAGE, PUNK!’

This might come across as kind of rude but listen to me when I say, “I could have done that” only gets you so far. You have to bring all of your ideas into the physical world to make them real, and screw around a whole bunch to bring them to life. This little notebook is here to help. Below I have listed some of it’s fantastic uses, though please feel free to add your own:

- scribbles while you’re on the phone, mostly while on hold (why are they always triangles? Should i look into this?)
- a drawing that is so perfectly formed in your head but why doesn’t it work when I draw it? luckily i sketched it out because otherwise i would have forgotten about it (annoying but a net positive)
- writing Mrs. 90’s Michelle Pfeiffer 10,000 times or so (feel free to write your own crush’s name instead) 
- a single eye (girls and gays can I get a hell yeah?)
- writing anxious thoughts in the book before you go to sleep because if you write it down it is THE BOOKS’ PROBLEM NOW, NOT YOURS. 
- lots of good ideas that look like bad ideas but are REALLY just unfinished ideas. Put it on the page, punk! 
- other wonderful things that are clanging around in your head that deserve to be seen and shared around. You’ve got a beautiful brain my friend!

This book is a nice little A5 ring binder that has a fun drawing on the front, inside covers AND my logo and website on the back cover. This is truly unlike any product you’ve ever seen before. 

  • 139 x 216 mm size
  • 400 gsm cover
  • Spiral binding
  • 80 unlined pages for peak creativity (citation needed)

I hope you put lots of great things in there! I’m starting mine and this is what it looks like: